Defence Sector

Working to UK Defence Standards and US Milspec

The Defence Sector

For over 30 years Orbison Products have worked with the defence sector both defence equipment manufacturers and directly with the military. We are well practised in working to the exacting standards required in the defence manufacturing arena such as UK Defence Standards and US MILSPEC.

Our textile products are in service on the land, sea and in the air from bomb disposal operations to fast jet pilots.

Military equipment is subjected to extremes of use all over the world. By its nature this equipment is usually expensive, sophisticated and requires to work the first time, every time. This equipment needs to be protected during storage, transit and use.

Orbison has designed and manufactured a wide range of bespoke products directly for military customers and also in partnership with the large prime defence contractors and SME defence manufacturers.

Our design engineers have expert knowledge of the design standards required to meet the needs of the military end user. We manufacture pouches, cases, covers and bags for a wide variety of military products such as; specialist bomb disposal equipment, pilot’s helmets, detectors and vehicle systems.

We utilise the full range of the latest textile materials; such as Aramid, Kevlar and Cordura; plus the full range of military camouflage patterns from around the world.

Defence Textile Products


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